Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Katy Perry + OPI = Love (and diabetes?)

I love Katy Perry.

I mean, her music is catchy and fun and everything, but the REAL reason I love Katy Perry?

Let the following images demonstrate:

My goodness, I don't know why I love it so much.
Pastels and candy and kitschy pink flamingos and ridiculous latex dresses!
I must have a sugar deficiency.
But I LOVE it!

I'm just glad someone out there can be like:
"Ya know, I'm gonna wear a latex dress today. Now, should it be cotton candy or pink palm tree print... Decisions.. "
As well as:
"If I want to wear candy on my head and shoot whipped cream out of my bra, I will, by golly!"

So wonderful.
Maybe it's just a marketing scheme, but at least she always looks like she's having fun.
Maybe that's why I think that Katy Perry > Lady Gaga.
I mean, when you are wearing amazingly ridiculous outfits, you can't take yourself toooo seriously.

Anyways, I somehow stumbled over the fact that OPI nail polish just released a Katy Perry collection.
Observe in the following video:

I don't always wear nail polish but the colors are just 100% Katy Perry. Spot on.
Usually celebrity lines of anything are nothing more that the person's face and name attached to a product, but these colors just seem so... her.
It's like essence of Katy Perry in a bottle.

Therefore I have broken down and bought a mini sample pack (only 6 bucks on amazon!) because I am convinced that I need to start up a kawaii/cotton candy/ bubblegum/ katy perry lifestyle once more.

My hair is on it's way back to black anyway, and one of the benefits of that is I can wear crazy colors in places OTHER than on my head! Yay!

Ok, must go now. I need to go stock up on cookies and glitter.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Undersea Adventure!

I embroidered these critters yesterday.
Now... I don't want to hear anything about how narwhals, octopi and jellyfish don't share the same aquatic habitat. Because, obviously, this is a ragtag bunch of misfits on a magical adventure with an unlikely friendship.

Francis the Octopus (lost 8th leg in an epic battle)

Nathan the Narwhal (takes pride in the fact that his horn is really an extended tooth)

Velma the Jellyfish (Has a dog named Scuba Doo)

I forgot how fun embroidery is! Annnnd I learned how to do a french knot for the first time. I believe it to be the most entertaining stitch there is.
I don't think you can tell in the picture, but I tea-dyed the fabric myself too! It is such a good way to reincarnate an old sheet.
Oh yes, and because I am a radical non-traditionalist, I filled the critters in with some water colors, which I think looks really awesome. Hopefully I am not committing any cardinal sin of needlework?
Let's call it mixed media, and no one will get hurt, okay?

Images inspired by : badbird and Tamie Snow

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tentacles on my Living Room Walls?

I. Must. Have. This.

I came across this amazing piece of embroidery by jemimah over at while looking through the Hoopla Swap for inspiration. I have had 3 empty embroidery hoops hanging on my wall for like 13 months now, with no idea what to do with them. Nooooot annnyyy moooore!
I have no idea how I'll attempt to make my own version of this yet, but I'm excited for the challenge...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I can haz business casual?

So this is my random attempt at doing "business casual".
(It is funny that this is the first picture of myself that I have posted on here because I don't EVER do business casual.)

Backstory: After many hours staring off into oblivion, contemplating the "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIIIIIFFEEE??" question, I decided that I needed to start looking into big-girl jobs for after I graduate (I have 1 year left at my university).

But, GAH!
There are so many things you have to do like:
Workshops! Internships! Mentorships! Career fairs! Career advising! More workshops! Resume workshops! This-is-why-you-suck-but-we-can-help-you-maybe workshops!
And soon I found myself in that last workshop, with a very prim woman insisting that I learn how to dress business casual.

Business casual?
But I thought I'd give it a try.
The blazer is my roommate's, white shirt is thrifted, and everything else is from Target. (Seriously, EVERYTHING else... o_O )
And, I'm not gonna lie; I not going to wear those shoes. I have a chronic heel problem (that is, a problem with the shoes, not a medical problem lol) which I am sure I will divulge later in this blog, but I never wear heels.
Yep business casual is like living a lie, but you do these things when you are trying to be a grown up.

And it sometimes it definitely feels like you are wading through your quarter-life-crisis with nothing but a pair of swim trunks and some water wingies but.....
at least the water is only neck deep?

Water wingies. Now on my wishlist.

But now I must abscond, for the apartment on top of mine is getting new carpet installed and the noises emanating from above sound like the apocalypse is coming.



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Uhh... is this thing on?

So this is my blog. My NEW blog to be particular. I've had a few in the past but I'm over them.
I dunno. Because I set too many expectations for them? Tired of the name? The web design?
It matters not!
To be honest, I just need to clean the slate every so often.
So that is my New Years Resolution.
Blog without expectations!
Write what you know!
Write what you love!
Just WRITE for God's sake, girl.

So here I go.
Once again, this blog is about everything and nothing.
But some of the things I enjoy are:

Crafts! Learning new ones, particularly.
Yarn, chunky knitty, stuffed animuls. (pronounced ani-MULES)
Cooking! Food! Baking, buying veggies from the farmer's market, trying to be vegan again...
Fashion history! I don't know too much, but I love to learn about it. (I'll have to import my old posts about that stuff).
Mmmm.... I enjoy RE-crafting. Taking some 3 dollar thrift shirt and making it flippin awesome.
Uhh.. Ok. Now for an abstract word dump of many more things I like....
Glitter! Dinosaurs! Bikes! Freegans! Tavi the Blogging Wonder! (She is my hero). Talking to plants! Kitchen chemistry experiments! Breaking electronic devices in an attempt to bend them to my will!

Oh dear wandering reader, there is more, much more. But bide your time, innocent one, for the time will come.... *cackle*
And now for a completely unrelated cat picture:

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